Delivery of the prize

Prize delivery

Delivery of the prize.

Fulfillment or Delivery of the prizes can be tricky and complicated. This article will be about how to safely get the prize to the winner. Before shipping make sure any paperwork that is required be filled out and submitted. Below are a few things that you should do to make sure that the prize makes it to its destination.

If the prize is shipped using a postal method make sure that you receive a tracking number and/or a way to make sure the box is delivered to its destination. This protects you the promoter from being called a scam because a package doesn’t arrive. It can also prevent the winner from saying they never received the prize and they want another one because you have no proof that it was delivered. A tracking number can also be given to the winner so that they know it has been shipped and when to expect it. Depending on the prize’s value you may also want to get insurance to cover any costs if it is lost or damaged. This can go for both larger prizes down to a piece of paper with a check in it. If you are sending a check by mail one of the most popular options in the United States is a Flat Rate Envelope.

Spicing up your prize can also help your business. Sending a letter to the winner(s) along with the prize can be a nice gesture. You can always thank them for participating and reminding them to keep an eye out for future promotions and offers. Some companies have even gotten so creative that they wrapped there prize with custom made ribbons and wrapping paper to promote their companies and its products or services.

For a local contest where the prize can be picked up at your location, pictures can be taken. Showing the winner with your prize at your place of business can be good for your social media. Some of the best pictures are with the owners/managers and prize winner holding or standing next to their prize in front of a logo or sign for your company. This method can also be used if you are a large chain and can have a winner show up to claim the prize at one of the locations.

Finally remember to keep the shipment timely! Waiting over a month to ship a prize can anger many winners. They will usually email asking where there prize is. If prizes are not delivered in a timely manner winners might also think they have been scammed.

To conclude, covering a prize with a tracking number and/or insurance is the best way to go. Including a letter or dressing up your delivery can also leave a lasting impression, especially if the winner posts a picture for your company. Finally make sure to address the package correctly if using a postal method. If you have a creative way of delivering your prize(s) to your winners let us know by using the comment section below.

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